Swimming Gala

Friday, 13 October, 2017

Chimanimani house continued with its dominance over the other houses this year by breaking Bvumba’s stranglehold in the swimming.  


Victrix Ludorum                                U14/15 Girls       - C. Grottis

Victrix Ludorum                                U14/15 Boys       - R. Ndoro

Victrix Ludorum                                U16/17 Girls       - K. Ndoro/K. Jones

Victrix Ludorum                                U16/17 Boys       - N. Chan Jack

Victrix Ludorum                                Senior Girls         - M. Bottger

Victrix Ludorum                                Senior Boys        - T. Mahati

The Nicola Martins Trophy           Girl with the highest points – C. Grottis

The La Grange Trophy                    Boy with the highest points – R. Ndoro/N. Chan Jack/T. Mahati

The Lapham Cup                              Girls winning house - Chimanimani

The Lapham Cup                              Boys winning house – Chimanimani

Relays Cup                                          Chimanimani

Overall Winner                                  Chimanimani


House                                   Points                   Position

Chimanimani                      450                         1

Bvumba                               403                         2

Nyangani                             261                         3