Inter-house Swimming Results

Friday, 9 October, 2015

Inter house Swimming results

‘Who are we? Bvumba! Who are we? Bvumba! Swag one time’ - Yet again, Bvumba house has continued to deliver to the highest of standards in inter-house swimming. Well done to the boys and girls of Bvumba for not only retaining the title but for cementing your position as a mainstay of College swimming. To Chimanimani and Nyangani houses, better luck next year and as the cliché goes, ‘it really is the participation that counts’.


The Lapham Cup Girls’ winning house          Bvumba

The Lapham Cup Boys’ winning house          Bvumba

Relays Cup                                                                    Bvumba

Final Points

Bvumba                                                                           595

Nyangani                                                                       372

Chimanimani                                                              354