Thursday, 20 June, 2013

Dear Parents and Guardians
We have come to the middle of the second term and l want to say a heartfelt thank you for the support you have given us so far. We are continuing our focus on being learning centred, celebrating the progress and achievements of all our pupils. Not only do we consider our pupils’ innate ability and their performance in class-work, homework, the term’s exams, we also spend time reflecting on how they learn, how to raise their confidence as learners and how to harness their motivation and enthusiasm for learning.

We welcome back Mr. Nhema from a term’s leave. We also say farewell to Mrs. Jacha and thank her for all the work she did during her time with the College. We wish her well in her new endeavours.
We are seeking to implement some ideas raised by some of our parents as part of our ongoing commitment to school development and improvement. We plan to review the homework timetable to ensure that more work and research are incorporated to enable our pupils to work more effectively.

There appears to be a concern amongst some of our parents that our sports fixtures calendar is full and that a portion of the pupils are away from home most weekends. I would like to answer this concern by noting the following.

It is the aim of Association of Trust Schools and the Ministry of Education Arts, Sports and Culture to encourage as wide ranging as possible sporting and cultural contact amongst the various schools. At Hillcrest, we have tried hard to follow this admirable line: what has made it difficult for us is that geographically we are more out on a limb than for example, the Matebeland and Mashonaland schools. We are therefore unable to play mid week fixtures. This means that we have to be prepared to travel a lot and that we have to ask a lot of other schools to travel to us - which they have been prepared to do. They have been prepared to do so because they have genuinely enjoyed the friendship and hospitality which has been accorded them here as well as the competition. The good that comes out of this contact has been enormous, both from the point of view of the all round development of our children and also the social angle, mixing with peers from other schools.

This took place on the last day of last term.  The winners were as follows:

•    1st Prize (LCD 52” TV)        -    L. Chikodzore
•    2nd Prize (5.5KVA Kipor Generator)    -    L.K. Mushati
•    3rd Prize (210 Litre Deep Freezer)    -    U. Emmanuel


We would like to congratulate the following pupils who have done us proud in this year of excellence.

Zimbabwe Representatives
•    Ruvarashe Mzinde will represent Zimbabwe at the World Youth Games in Ukraine on the 5th of July 2013.
•    Tinashe Gonese will represent Zimbabwe at the U18 Coca Cola Craven week in July in Polokwane, South Africa.
•    Ngoni Chibuwe will represent Zimbabwe at the U20 Africa Junior Championship in August in South Africa.

MCD Hockey Representatives
Girls Hockey
•    N. Kupemba (U19A)
•    O. Shumba, T. Dube, R. Mzinde, M. Mtisi, S. Matongo (U19B)
•    D. Maposa (non-travelling reserve)
•    Tatenda Gadzikwa (U17A)
•    R. Tuhwe, N. Nyanhete, R. Mugabe (U17B)
•    Tafadzwa Gadzikwa (non-travelling reserve)

Boys’ Hockey
•    S. Chioza, B. Mujeyi    (U19B)
•    C. Muchenje (non travelling reserve).
•    T. Mangidza (U17A)
•    White, G. Moonga, T. Mtizwa, S. Muyambo, D. Pasirai (U17B)

MCD CHISZ Basketball Team (Girls)
•    M. Mabulala
•    R. Mberi
•    S. Machinga
•    M. Sigauke
•    R. Mzinde
•    P. Manjeya

Zimbabwe CHISZ – Basketball (Girls)
S. Machinga and M. Sigauke will represent the Zimbabwe CHISZ Basketball team in August in South Africa.


We had Inter-House Chess and results were the following:
•    Bvumba        1st place
•    Nyangani        2nd place
•    Chimanimani    3rd place

We hosted Inter-Schools Human Rights Quiz on the 13th of June 2013
•    Hillcrest College A                    1st place
•    St. Joseph High School                2nd place
•    Hillcrest College B and Mutare Boys’ High        3rd place
•    Alpha Institute                    5th place
•    Mutare Girls’ High                     6th place

The cold winter is upon us.  Please ensure that children wear warm clothes to school to avoid colds and flu. Please be reminded to make sure that children wear the correct uniform.  We still have pupils who come to school in a range of gloves, hats and scarves that do not fit the school uniform policy.  May parents ensure that these are kept for out of school use only.

We may probably be running a mentoring and coaching holiday programme for all exam classes over the coming August holiday.  The school will notify parents as soon as the Ministry of Education approves of our application for permission to run the holiday school.

All our pupils will be seating their mid year exams after the mid term break.  This is a reminder that they should revise their notes in different subject areas in preparation for these mid year papers.

We have identified the location for our new community hall. It is going to be constructed near the Tech Centre. We are most likely going to receive a grant to this end from the Beit Trust Committee. Applications for funding have already been put in place. We will keep you updated on any progress made in this new development.

Kushava Construction are putting together some final touches to our state of the art tennis and basketball courts. Our children are already enjoying these facilities and we hope to enjoy many successful matches in these new grounds.

We would like to acknowledge and thank some of our workers who have been working very hard in paving the car park. I am sure those of you who have been to school will bear witness of the progress we have made in this regard. We continue to ask for help and support in any way possible from our parents body.

As l send this letter, the SDC, the teachers and our pupils are planning a Winter Fair which we run yearly in winter. We are inviting parents, guardians and friends of Hillcrest to join us and share in this traditional family event on the 29th of June 2013 from 7am to 5pm. There will be food, games and fun for all.  It is always a lovely day when we all can mix and mingle with each other.  It is a day we can share as a family and show our appreciation of each other.

May l remind you, parents and guardians, of the appropriate channels of communication if ever there are problems that need our attention at school?  Depending on the nature of the problem, the following staff members are always happy to assist:

Class Teachers 

ClassTeacher’s Name
1AMrs. C. Mhike
1A1Miss F. Mawadza
1A2Mr. D. Raja
2AMr. S. Mwatunga
2A1Mrs. V. Raja
2A2Mr. S. Mtisi
3AMr. T. Jeranyama
3A1Ms. B. Evans
3A2Mrs. R. Chipoyi
4AMr. J. Sabeta
4A1Mrs. A. Mastara
4A2Ms. S. Marange
5Mr. E. Chiundo
L6 BMr. M. Matanga
L6 GMrs. W. Mutavayi
U6 BMr. C. Mutseriwa
U6GMrs. R. Saunyama

Form Heads

FormTeacher’s Name
Form 1Mrs. B. Mhike
Form 2Mr. S. Mwatunga
Form 3Mr. T. Jeranyama
Form 4 & 5Mr. J. Sabeta
Lower 6Mrs. W. Mutavayi
Upper 6Mr. N. Musikavanhu

Divisional Heads

FormsTeacher’s Name
Form 1 & 2Mr. C. Mhike
Form 3, 4 & 5Mrs. V. Mtisi
Lower & Upper 6Mr. N. Musikavanhu

House Masters

HouseTeacher’s Name
BvumbaMr. I. Nhema
ChimanimaniMr. P. Sam
NyanganiMr. M. Matanga


Senior Admin Staff

Mrs. V. MtisiSenior Mistress
Mrs. M. KwariDirector of Studies
Mr. C. MhikeSports Director
Mr. N. MusikavanhuSenior Master
Mr. F. MakuwerereHostel Superintendent
Mr. D.F. MunjomaExams Officer
Mr. O. ChipatoDeputy Headmaster

•    For minor day to day concerns the person to see is the Class Teacher, Form Head or Divisional Head.
•    For Sports related issues see the Director of Sports, Mr. Mhike or the House Masters.
•    For culturally related issues please see Miss Mawadza.
•    For all academic concerns please see the Director of Studies, Mrs Kwari, the Deputy Headmaster or the Headmaster.
•    Major issues should be referred to the Deputy Headmaster who will forward them to me.
•    My door is always open and I promise to act accordingly.

I wish you all a peaceful break with your families. If you are going away, travel safely and may we all return to school fully recharged for the final half of the second term.

Thank you.