Hillcrest Athletics is different from the programs at most schools in that we offer year-round training in keeping with international standards.
Starting third term, we have twice weekly training sessions where we work on core conditioning as well as specific skills necessary for high performance.
During first term, we immediately have serious training programs where we follow an internationally recognized program of pre-season, early season and in-season practice that is meant to help participants achieve their maximum potential.
What is different about these programs is that they are geared to the individual needs, weaknesses and strengths of each athlete – as opposed to just asking everyone to “go out and run”. This involves core conditioning, speed training, skills training, endurance training and power training.
Hillcrest then participates in zonal, district, provincial and national events during the course of first term. During the April holidays and second term, training continues for those who are participating at National and International levels.
Hillcrest has been successful, having produced national champion athletes every year for the past six years, and have proudly been able to claim the “fastest in Zimbabwe” sprinter in at least one age group during every one of those years.